It’s your 2019 in numbers

It’s been a busy year.

We ate burgers (ALL the burgers). We played Fortnite (a LOT of it). We saved our money for FIFA20 and we sang along to Frozen 2.

Yep, we sure have packed a lot into the last 12 months (or 52 weeks; 365 days; 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds). But before we get started on 2020, here’s our rundown of the numbers that made 2019 special.

Show me the money!

£96 million – that’s how much pocket money gohenry cardholders earned in 2019. If you were wondering where all your money went, now you know.

UK parents paid out almost £3 million for completing tasks – and the average child earned £27 this year. The most popular tasks? Tidying their room, vacuuming, brushing their teeth and doing their homework.

And they obviously listened when you told them not to spend it all at once: this year they spent a total of £72 million on their gohenry cards – which means they’ve got a whopping £24 million left over.

Put your money where your mouth is

Kids love burgers. They go crazy for chicken. They can’t resist pizza. How do we know?

In 2019, they spent enough in McDonalds to buy 834,445 Big Macs.

In Greggs, kids spent enough to buy 213,152 sausage rolls.

When it comes to Nando’s, their 2019 bill covers the cost of 61,313 chicken burgers and chips.

Who doesn’t love pizza? How about 12,516 margherita pizzas? Because that’s how many delicious cheesy pizzas gohenry cardholders could have bought with the amount our community collectively spent at Pizza Express.

And you didn’t need to worry about kids and teens staying hydrated during the July heatwave: their combined Starbucks bill would pay for 134,287 tall chocolate cream frappuccinos.


Fun and games

You probably don’t need us to tell you the amount kids are spending on gaming is increasing every year. In 2019 they spent a combined total of £9.8 million on gaming – which is almost £400,000 more than they spent in 2018.

And even though it’s a free game, they still managed to spend over £240,000 on Fortnite. Which works out at around 27 million V-Bucks – more than enough to buy a few new skins and emotes.

Just in case you were in any doubt about kids’ love of gaming and tech, they spent £4.6 million at Microsoft, £3.8 million at Amazon and £3 million at Playstation – as well as over £1 million at Apple.

But sometimes they swap screen time for the big screen. gohenry cardholders spent £890,745 at the cinema – the equivalent of 124,372 tickets.

So which film was your favourite? Avengers: Endgame? The Lion King? Toy Story 4? Wait, you’ve seen Frozen 2 how many times?

Looking good

Q: How many pairs of jeans, leggings and trainers does one kid need?
A: Lots.

When gohenry kids hit the high street, Primark is their first stop – they spent £1.5 million there this year.

If they’re shopping for a new look, they’re also keen on, well, New Look. They treated themselves to over £680,000 worth of slogan T-shirts, skinny jeans and sparkly accessories in 2019.

And if sportswear and trainers are more their thing, you’ll find them in JD Sports, where they spent over £500,000.

Ever wondered where all that glitter came from? It might have something to do with the fact that kids and teens spent over £1 million in Boots and Superdrug. Yes, that is mascara. And no, they’re not allowed to wear it to school.

Supermarket sweep

So they’re probably not doing the weekly shop just yet and if they are, well done– can you tell us how you managed that, please?) but kids are already spending their cash in supermarkets.

They’re most likely to go wild in the aisles at Tesco, where they spent £2.9 million, followed by The Co-op (£1.9 million), Sainsbury’s (£1.5 million) and ASDA (£1.2 million).

It’s just a shame they couldn’t have picked up some milk while they were there…

Save it

Did you find something special waiting for you under the tree this year? The average child saved £87 this year (a lot, in pocket money terms) and they set most of this aside for Christmas. Awww! They started saving way back in August, which means they had up to 20 weeks’ worth of pocket money tucked away ready for the big day.

Holidays were the second most popular savings goal, closely followed by phones, video games, shoes and AirPods. Some kids are even saving for their first car – especially in the US, where it’s the third most popular savings goal. And they’ve got grand plans for their first set of wheels. Well, who wouldn’t want a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?

And you can stop worrying about whether your kids will ever get a foot on the property ladder – we’re happy to report that some of them are already saving for a mansion.

We can’t wait to find out what they get up to in 2020, can you?