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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Helping kids (and adults) be savvy consumers.

1) Plan Ahead

Instead of waiting and being lured by big red numbers on the day, make a Black Friday plan now. What do you need? What presents are you hoping to buy, which items do you want to look out for? This will help avoid being caught up in the excitement. It also means you can set a budget for your shopping in advance, and decide how much you’re willing to spend in total or on any one thing.

Share some of your shopping list with your kids and help them make lists for items they may be saving for or hoping to buy, too.

2) Be Tech Savvy

A number of tools like ShopSavvy and PriceGrabber will let you compare prices in real-time on the go, both with other retailers and comparable brands. Teach your kids about price comparison and research as you go.

Make sure to follow the social pages of big brands or retailers you are hoping to buy from to see if they post special deals on Facebook or Twitter. Many will post special coupons on those days. If you’re shopping online, you can also use live chat features to ensure your deal is as good as you think it is.

3) Don’t Forget Independent Businesses

Not all of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals happen at global retailers, in fact, some of the best and most satisfying purchases are from new and original shops that are just getting started.

Teach your kids the value of buying locally and ethically, and what it means to support independent businesses, online and in-person.

Whether you plan to go all out this year or skip the hype, Black Friday buzz is a great reason to start a conversation about smart spending with your kids.

Some Quick Safety Tips:

– Keep all of your details and information up to date (phone numbers, address etc)
– Monitor all your accounts (including your gohenry account!) very closely
– Be inventive with your passwords
– Keep your device safe with up-to-date antivirus software
– Be careful when shopping with a retailer for the first time
– Beware of phishing! If something doesn’t look right – delete it!

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